Zigbee Generic Interfaces

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If your product cannot work with the Zigbee standard protocol, you can use the generic interfaces to enable it to connect to the Tuya IoT Development Platform. The Zigbee module acts as a mediator that connects the MCU and the Zigbee gateway. It converts the data received from the gateway into a format defined in Tuya-specific serial communication protocol and sends the converted data to the MCU through the serial port. In the other direction, the Zigbee module converts the data received from the MCU into the format defined in the Zigbee Cluster Library (ZCL) and sends the converted data to the gateway that exchanges data with the cloud. In a nutshell, you can use the Zigbee network to connect the MCU to cloud services and thus make your product IoT-enabled.

Zigbee Generic Interfaces

Zigbee specification

Zigbee basics

Parameter Value
Profile ID 0x0104
Device ID 0x0051
Endpoint Description
1 The endpoint used for application data exchange.

Clusters, attributes, and commands

SMART_PLUG (0x0051)
Input clusters (server) Output clusters (client)
Basic (0x0000) OTA upgrade (0x0019)
Time (0x000A) /
Private cluster (0XEF00) /

Basic cluster


ID Name Data type (ID) Range Default
0x0000 ZCLVersion uint8 (0x20) 0x00 to 0xff 0x03
0x0001 ApplicationVersion uint8 (0x20) 0x00 to 0xff For example, 0b 01 00 0001 indicates 1.0.1, that is, 0x41 represents version 1.0.1.
This attribute is used for OTA updates. When an OTA update is initiated, the gateway reads the version number of the update and pushes it to the Zigbee device. After the Zigbee device is restarted after the update, the gateway reads the current version to check for the update result. The firmware can only be updated to a higher version.
0x0002 StackVersion uint8 (0x20) 0x00 to 0xff 0x02
0x0003 HWVersion uint8 (0x20) 0x00 to 0xff 0x01
0x0004 ManufacturerName string (0x42) 0 to 32 bytes The value of this attribute is 16 bytes in length, consisting of 8-byte prefix and 8-byte PID. 0 to 7 bytes: _TZE600_.
8 to 16 bytes: The PID, the unique identifier of the Zigbee product you create on the Tuya IoT Development Platform.
0x0005 ModelIdentifier string (0x42) 0 to 32 bytes TS0105, used for the gateway to identify the device type.
0x0007 PowerSource enum8 (0x30) 0x00 to 0xff It depends on your product.
0xfffd ClusterRevision uint16 (0x21) 0x0000 to 0xffff 0x0001


ID Name Direction Description
0x00 Reset to factory default Client to server C: Stands for client.
S: Stands for server.

Private cluster

To achieve the communication between the Zigbee module and the MCU, use the private cluster to define a class of private cluster commands to transmit data.

In the application support sublayer (APS):

  • Destination Endpoint: 0x01
  • Cluster ID: 0xEF00
  • Profile ID: 0x0104
  • Source Endpoint: 0x01

In the ZCL layer, the private command ID is used to identify commands. Define private frame in the ZCL payload in the format sequence number (2 bytes) + data point (DP) data.

Zigbee Generic Interfaces

The following table lists the ZCL header format.

Field Length (bit) Value Description
Frame type 2 01 Command is specific to a cluster.
Manufacturer specific 1 0 The manufacturer code field is not included in the ZCL frame.
Direction 1 0/1 0: Gateway to Zigbee device.
1: Zigbee device to gateway.
Disable default response 1 0/1 It defaults to 1. It is set to 0 only when the Zigbee device proactively reports data to the gateway. The gateway returns a response to indicate successful reporting.
Reserved 3 000 Reserved
Private command ID
Command enumerations Value Description
TY_DATA_REQUEST 0x00 The gateway sends a data request to the Zigbee device.
TY_DATA_RESPONE 0x01 The MCU responds to a data request.
TY_DATA_REPORT 0x02 The MCU proactively reports data to the gateway. This is two-way communication.
TY_DATA_QUERY 0x03 The gateway sends a query to the Zigbee device for all the current information. The query does not contain a ZCL payload. We recommend that you set a reporting policy on the Zigbee device to avoid reporting all data in one task.
TUYA_MCU_VERSION_REQ 0x10 The gateway sends a query to the Zigbee module for the MCU firmware version.
TUYA_MCU_VERSION_RSP 0x11 The Zigbee module returns the MCU firmware version, or the MCU proactively reports its firmware version.
TUYA_MCU_OTA_NOTIFY 0x12 The gateway notifies the Zigbee module of MCU firmware updates.
TUYA_OTA_BLOCK_DATA_REQ 0x13 The Zigbee module requests to download the MCU firmware update.
TUYA_OTA_BLOCK_DATA_RSP 0x14 The gateway returns the update package to the Zigbee module.
TUYA_MCU_OTA_RESULT 0x15 The Zigbee module returns the result of MCU firmware updates to the gateway.
TUYA_MCU_SYNC_TIME 0x24 Time synchronization (two-way)
Frame of command ID
  • TY_DATA_ REQUEST and TY_DATA_RESPONE are used to send DP data from the gateway to the Zigbee device. Then, the Zigbee device sends the received data to the MCU through serial communication. The MCU returns a response after it executes the received command. The Zigbee module then converts the received data into a TY_DATA_RESPONE response to the gateway.

    Zigbee Generic Interfaces

  • The Zigbee module uses the command TY_DATA_REPORT to proactively report the status changes to the gateway. The gateway returns a response through the same command on receiving the data.

    Zigbee Generic Interfaces

  • Request MCU version

    Zigbee Generic Interfaces

    Zigbee Generic Interfaces

  • MCU OTA update

    Zigbee Generic InterfacesZigbee Generic Interfaces

  • Time synchronization

    Zigbee Generic Interfaces

DP data format
Data segment Length (byte) Description
DPID 1 The ID of a DP.
type It indicates the specific data type of a DP defined on the Tuya IoT Development Platform, which is represented by the Value.
Type Value Length (byte) Description
Raw 0x00 N Represents a DP of raw data type. The data is passed through the module to the cloud.
Boolean 0x01 1 The valid values are 0x00 and 0x01.
Value 0x02 4 Represents a DP of integer data type, in big-endian format.
String 0x03 N Represents a DP of string data type.
Enum 0x04 1 Represents a DP of enum data type, ranging from 0 to 255.
Bitmap 0x05 1/2/4 Data greater than one byte is transmitted in big-endian format.
len 2 The length is the number of bytes of a value.
Value 1/2/4/N Represented in hexadecimal format. Data greater than one byte is transmitted in big-endian format.

Over the Air Upgrade


ID Name Data type (ID) Range Default
0x0000 UpgradeServerID EUI64 (0xF0) / 0xffffffffffffffff
0x0001 FileOffset uint32 (0x23) / 0x00000000
0x0002 CurrentFileVersion uint32 (0x23) / 0x21050002
0x0006 ImageUpgradeStatus enum8 (0x30) / 0x00
0x0007 Manufacturer ID uint16 (0x21) / 0x1168
0x0008 Image Type ID uint16 (0x21) / 0x80f6
0x0009 MinimumBlockPeriod uint16 (0x21) / 0x0000
0xfffd ClusterRevision int16 (0x29) 0x0000 to 0xffff 0x0001


ID Name Direction
0x00 Image Notify Server to client
0x01 Query Next Image Request Client to server
0x03 Image Block Request Client to server
0x06 Upgrade End Request Client to server

Serial communication protocol

A frame for serial communication comprises header (front), version (ver), command (cmd), data length (length), data (data), and checksum (check).

The frame is formatted as illustrated in the following table:

Octets: 2 1 2 1 2 Variable 1
Front Ver Seq Cmd Length Data Check

Frame format description

Field Description
Header (front) A 2-byte leader character, fixed to 0x55aa.
Version (ver) The version of the serial protocol, used for protocol updates or extensions.
Sequence number (seq) The transmission sequence number, ranging from 0 to 65535. This counter shall wrap to zero after 65535.
Command (cmd) See the following table for specific serial communication commands.
Data length (length) The payload length. The length of a single frame must not exceed 64 bytes.
Data (data) The payload data.
Checksum (check) Start from the header, add up all the bytes, and then divide the sum by 256 to get the remainder.

Serial communication commands

Command ID Description
0x01 Query or report product information.
0x02 Query or report device status.
0x03 Reset a Zigbee device.
0x04 Send commands
0x05 Report status.
0x06 Query status.
0x07 Reserved
0x08 Test the Zigbee device functionality.
0x09 Query the key information, used for scene switches only.
0x0A Wake up a scene, used for scene switches only.
0x0A to 0x23 Reserved
0x24 Time synchronization