Ray-Based Development of WeChat Mini Program

Last Updated on : 2024-04-16 06:13:01download

To improve the development experiences with the minimum cost, we recommend that you use the Ray framework to develop WeChat mini programs.

Ray framework

Ray, similar to Taro, is an open multi-platform development framework. Thanks to this solution, you can write code once and compile it to be compatible with multiple platforms, such as Smart MiniApp and WeChat Mini Program. Ray is the ideal choice for you to achieve optimal cost efficiency if you are specialized in the development of branded apps and WeChat mini programs.

The Ray framework relies on the React stack and integrates with the diverse capabilities of Tuya-enabled smart devices. You can thus shorten the lead time to develop smart miniapps and WeChat mini programs.

WeChat Mini Program SDK

To boost your development of WeChat mini programs, Tuya WeChat Mini Program SDK supports a rich set of capabilities. Typically, they include user status management, device management, device control, home management, over-the-air (OTA) update management, device communication over MQTT or Bluetooth, and device pairing.

Compared with earlier SDK solutions, WeChat Mini Program SDK helps you get focused on business innovation. Moreover, this SDK provides the APIs consistent with those of Smart MiniApp to deal with device functionalities. This particularly lowers your learning curve if you have experience in the development of Tuya-enabled apps, panels, or smart miniapps.

Develop WeChat mini program with Ray

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