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Tuya provides a series of plug-ins to speed up your development of IoT WeChat mini programs. To integrate the plug-ins into your WeChat mini programs, perform the following steps:

  • Request permissions to use plug-ins.
  • Configure and use the plug-ins for the WeChat mini program.

This topic describes how to create an IoT WeChat Mini Program project and request permissions to use the plug-ins.

Step 1: Create WeChat mini program project

  1. Go to Tuya IoT Development Platform > App > WeChat Mini Program SDK > Projects.
  2. In the top right corner of the page, click Create WeChat Mini Program.
  3. Set Project Name and Description, upload an icon for the WeChat mini program, check the license agreement, and then click OK to create a mini program project.

Step 2: Authorize access to WeChat mini program

  1. Open the target IoT WeChat mini program project and click Authorize in the top right corner of the page. In the dialog box that appears, two options are included: Existing WeChat Mini Program and No WeChat Mini Program.


    • If you do not have a WeChat mini program, click Register and Associate to create a WeChat mini program and grant access to it. For more information, see Create IoT WeChat Mini Program.

    • If you already have a WeChat mini program, click Associate to start authorization.


  2. The WeChat mini program administrator uses WeChat to scan the QR code and open the authorization page.

  3. Select the account to which the Tuya IoT Development Platform will be granted access. After the authorization is finished, click Authorized.

Step 3: Request permissions to use plug-ins

  1. Request permissions to use the plug-in for the WeChat mini program.


  2. Enter the permission information.

  3. Enter the name of your organization, time to launch the WeChat mini program, and contact details, and click Apply.

  4. In the Get Cloud Plug-in section, select the target plug-in, such as the scene plug-in, to request permissions to use it.