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NB-IoT Device Pairing

Last Updated on : 2022-12-26 10:56:57download

This topic describes the mode of pairing a narrowband Internet of things (NB-IoT) device based on the low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) radio technology. NB-IoT connects IoT devices more simply and efficiently on already established mobile networks. Users can scan the QR code of an NB-IoT device and start pairing.

Process of pairing NB-IoT device

  1. Get device ID by calling common API methods

    Returns the device ID by using the API methods in Common API Methods. The URL obtained after the device QR code is scanned is used as a request parameter. For more information, see Common API Methods.

    Request parameters

    Field name Value
    apiName tuya.m.qrcode.parse
    version 4.0
    postData {“code”:url}
  2. Pair NB-IoT device

    Request parameters

    Field name Value
    apiName tuya.m.nb.device.user.bind
    version 1.0
    postData {“hid”:id,“timeZone”:String}
    gid homeId