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IpcTopBar is further packaged based on the panel component library TopBar to adapt to the rapid development of different pages of the Ipc panel


import { IpcTopBar } from '@tuya/tuya-panel-ipc-sdk'; <IpcTopBar contentTitle="Player Demo" leftPress={() => { console.log('back'); }} rightPress={() => { console.log('right'); }} />

Component properties

Field name Type Description Defaults
background string Background color #ffffff
leftBackColor string Left return arrow color #000000
contentTitleStyle object Middle heading style null
contentTitle number Middle title null
contentImg number Middle image Image null
leftPress bool Click event on the left () => {}
hasRight string Is there an icon on the right true
rightPress func Click event on the right () => {}
customImgIcon number Custom icon on the right null
customRightText object Custom text on the right null
customRightTextStyle string Custom text style on the right null
customLeftText object Custom text on the left null
customLeftTextStyle string Custom text style on the left null