Video Bit Rate

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This topic describes the properties and example of the IP camera (IPC) video bit rate component TYIpcVideoBit.


Video Bit Rate


Field name Description Required Type Default value
unit The unit of the bit rate. No string kb/s
bitValue The value of the bit rate. It is customized. No string undefined
valueStyle The style of the bit rate value. No TextStyle {}
unitStyle The style of the bit rate unit. No TextStyle {}
bitTxtBoxStyle The style of the text box for the bit rate. No ViewStyle {}
containerStyle The style of the container. No ViewStyle {}


import { TYIpcVideoBit } from '@tuya/tuya-panel-ipc-sdk';

// The video bit rate component works as expected only after peer-to-peer (P2P) connections are established.
const NormalTopRight = () => {
    return <TYIpcVideoBit 
            valueStyle={{color: 'red', fontSize:24}}  
            containerStyle={{position: 'absolute', right: 0, top: 30}

return (