Animation Loading

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This topic describes the properties and example of the IP camera (IPC) animation loading component TYIpcLoading.


Animation Loading


Field Description Required Type Default value
show Specifies whether to show the component. No boolean true
showComplete Specifies whether to show the completed status. No boolean true
itemNum The number of loading dots. No number 3
loadSpeed The speed of the animation. No number 400
sequenceColor The sequenced colors. No string ‘#7087FF’
completeColor The color in the completed status. No string ‘#7087FF’
dotSize The size of loading dots. No number 6
onComplete Indicates whether the loading task is completed. No () => void () => {}
containerStyle The container style. No ViewStyle {}


import { TYIpcLoading } from '@tuya/tuya-panel-ipc-sdk';

return (
      <TYIpcLoading containerStyle={{ marginLeft: 50 }} />