Inching Switch

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This topic describes what the inching switch feature is and how it works.


The inching switch can enable a device to be turned off automatically after it is turned on for a specified period, regardless of how it is activated.

For example, you can enable the inching feature on a light bulb so that it will come on automatically when the presence of a person is detected and then comes off one minute later.


Users can enable the inching feature for their devices and set the inching duration. Hence, the device will automatically come off after being on for a specified period.


  1. Users set up the inching feature by using the mobile app.
  2. The device receives the inching configuration and monitors a turning-on event.
  3. As the device comes on, the system will start a timer that fires after the specified inching interval has elapsed.
  4. The device will come off automatically as the timer fires.


For more information, see Inching Switch FAQs.