Inching Switch

Last Updated on : 2024-01-08 09:04:12

This topic describes the common questions about the inching switch feature (automatic off after a certain time) to help you troubleshoot problems.

Will the inching switch conflict with other tasks?

The four timer-dependent features including the countdown timer, random schedule, schedule, and inching switch are mutually exclusive. If the inching switch conflicts with other schedules, users must decide which task to execute.

Why does my inching switch fail to be executed and how to fix it?

  1. Check if you set another timer-dependent task for a data point (DP).
  2. Check if you schedule a DP to be executed at the same time period with the inching switch.
  3. If the inching switch conflicts with a new schedule, it can be canceled to enable the new schedule. The mobile app will confirm the cancellation with users.

Will the device schedule conflict with the inching switch?

They do not conflict with each other.

Can I set other timer-dependent tasks if I have set the inching switch?

If the inching switch conflicts with other schedules, the mobile app will prompt users to keep or cancel the inching switch. If users choose to keep it, the conflicting schedules will be canceled.

What encoding scheme is used for the inching switch?

We use base64 encoding and decoding.

How does the data reporting work?

The module reads the inching switch data from the flash partition. If no data is read, the module reports “” to the cloud. Otherwise, it converts the read data using base64 encoding and sends it to the cloud.

Does the inching switch affect the power-off memory feature?

Yes, it does. With the power-off memory feature enabled, if the device is ON before power-off, it will be in the ON state for a while after power-on, and then will be turned off.