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Product Development Kit

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Networked Product Development Kit, built on top of the TuyaOS development framework, helps you quickly develop vertical-specific networked products with low code.


A component-based modular architecture enables the development of agile and scalable applications.

The open source application code uses an event-driven programming paradigm, making product development easier and reducing time to market.

  • The networked products for various verticals adopt a unified coding convention and development framework, lowering the difficulty of developing applications across categories and frameworks.
  • A component-based plug-and-play architecture enables you to adopt and scale product-specific components and cloud services as needed. You can easily add features by implementing the desired building blocks.
  • Configure applications using a visual interface. Tailor and add features as you need.
  • A multilayer architecture decouples the application layer from the device abstraction layer, allowing you to add a device driver without modifying the upper-level application.
  • Write the application code once and incorporate it into platforms such as HomeKit and Matter by modifying the TuyaOS development framework.



Acronym Term Description Source
TDU Tuya Device Utilities Definitions of the common types and structs. Open source
TDD Tuya Device Driver The device driver layer that contains the implementations of the peripheral drivers. Open source
TDL Tuya Device Abstraction The device abstraction layer that abstracts away the details of how a specific device works to ensure API consistency in the system. Open source
TBS Tuya Basic Service The basic service components specific to a product. Library
TFM Tuya Function Module The function components specific to a product. Library
TBL Tuya Business Logic The implementation of Tuya’s product component logic. Library
App Application The business logic code. Open source

Block diagram

Product Development Kit

Get the product development kit

  1. Install and log in to Tuya Wind IDE.
  2. Request permission to download the product development kit you need.


The releases of product development kits:

Product development kit Name Feature Version
Development kit for universal infrared remote control. tuyaos_wf_ir_remote_control
  • Online IR control
  • Online IR learning
  • Quick match
Development kit for RGB strip lights tuyaos_wf_lig_pixels
  • Main switch
  • Segmented control
  • Multi-color light scenes
  • Sync with music
  • Cuttable design
  • Countdown timer
  • Push button control
  • End product testing
  • Color gradient
  • Custom multi-color light scene
  • Custom music sync
  • Add driver ICs
  • Add audio capture drivers
Development kit for electrical products tuyaos_wf_elec
  • Zero-crossing control
  • Switching between key types
  • Advanced schedule (including random timing and cycle timing), countdown, and inching switch.
  • Dual control
  • Backlight
  • Energy metering, as well as fault detection such as over-current and under-voltage
Development kit for full-color RGB light bulbs and strip lights tuyaos_wf_lig_dimmer
  • Power-on reset
  • Fade in and out effect
  • Dimming and color adjustment
  • Scene mode
  • Music mode
  • Countdown timer
  • Biorhythm based schedule
  • Sleep timer
  • Wake-up timer
  • Random timing
  • Cycle schedule
  • End product testing