Delay Timer

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This topic describes the common questions about the delay timer feature to help you troubleshoot problems.

Why is the delay timer not accurate?

If your device is not connected to the internet, it cannot sync the local time with the server time, which causes time drift. This is why the delay timer lags seconds or minutes behind an authoritative time.

Why does the delay timer not work?

The four timer-dependent features including the delay timer, random schedule, schedule, and inching switch are mutually exclusive.

  1. Check if you set another timer-dependent task for a data point (DP).
  2. Check if you schedule a DP to be executed at the same time period with the delay timer.
  3. If the delay timer conflicts with a new schedule, it can be canceled to enable the new schedule. The mobile app will confirm the cancellation with users.

Will the delay timer be automatically canceled if the status of the dependent DP is changed?

If the status is changed when the delay timer is executed, the timer will be canceled.

Will the delay timer be automatically canceled if the device is restarted?

Yes, it will be canceled.

How to cancel a delay timer?

You can tap the Cancel button on the control panel in the mobile app. Without this button, manually reset the delay timer to 00:00:00.