Weather Service

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This topic describes the common questions about configuring the weather service to help you troubleshoot problems that might occur when you integrate the weather feature into your application.

How does the weather service work?

Weather Service

For more information, see Weather Service.

Why is the weather data not accurate?

Have you allowed the mobile app to access the location when you pair the device?

The smart device parses the IP address of the connected network to get the current latitude and longitude. If the mobile app cannot access the location of the mobile phone, the device cannot get the required location information. Turn on the location service for the app and try again.

To provide accurate weather data, make sure the time zone on the device matches the correct latitude and longitude. If the physical location of the device is changed, but the device is not reset and paired again, the weather data might be inaccurate.

If the above troubleshooting cannot fix your issue, you can request technical support with a service ticket and provide the app account, device ID, and pairing time.