Networking SDK Solution

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This topic describes the overall development process of the Tuya gateway networking SDK solution. For more information about the Tuya gateway solutions, see Smart Gateway.

Create a gateway product

To integrate with Tuya gateway networking SDK, the first step is to create a gateway product. See Create Products and create a gateway product in the Tuya IoT Platform.

Note: Currently, Tuya IoT Platform does not distinguish gateways with the different networking methods. You can create gateway products of wired networking through the above methods.

Networking SDK Solution

When you add functions, the standard functions displayed on the Tuya IoT Platform are based on the Tuya security gateway. If you are developing a common gateway, you can choose functions according to your specific needs.

Networking SDK Solution

Hardware development

During the Hardware Development phase, select a connection mode, download embedded system SDK, and get licenses.

  • Connection mode: Support Tuya Standard Module + MCU and Gateway SDK. For more information, see Smart Gateway.

    Gateway SDK: Select a toolchain and operating system according to the chipset platform. An SDK download link will be automatically generated. If you cannot find the required chipset platform, you submit a technical ticket, providing the required SDK type, chip model, and operating system, and upload the toolchain package. Tuya operation personnel will handle the uploaded SDK.

    Networking SDK Solution

  • PID: the unique Product ID (PID) is automatically generated on the Tuya IoT Platform after a product is created. PRODUCT_KEY macro is the identifier of a gateway product.

    Networking SDK Solution

  • After the gateway is created, you will get 10 device licenses. The license acts as the credential of the gateway’s connection to Tuya IoT Platform and is used for development and debugging. It is represented by UUID and AUTHKEY macros in the SDK.

Create a gateway sub-device

When developing with the gateway networking SDK solution, you can create other smart products as sub-devices of the gateway. Only your self-developed sub-devices are supported. For example, if you choose a Custom solution to create a Wi-Fi air conditioner and select Other for communication protocols, it means that you have created a gateway sub-device.

Networking SDK Solution