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Select a category and connection solution

  1. Log in to IoT Console, and click Create.

    Create Products

  2. Select a category in the following two ways.

    • In the main class, select the category that you want to achieve intelligence. For example, you want to develop a smart heater based on the IoT Console of Tuya Smart. Click Small Home Appliances, and then select Heater.

    • If you are unsure of the category to which your product belongs, you can search and find it quickly.

      1. On the Create new product page, click the search icon in the top right corner. Create Products
      2. In the search bar, enter the category in which you want to create a product, such as heater. Click the development mode to jump to product information page, and fill in basic information about the product. Create Products

Select development mode

At present, Tuya provides plug and play solution and custom solution. You can select the solution as you want.

  • If you want to develop a switch, socket or light, Plug and Play Solution is recommended.

    Create Products

  • If the plug and play solution fails to meet your functional requirements, you can switch to Custom development.

    Create Products

  • If you want to develop large and small home appliances, you can develop them through the Custom development solution mode.

    Create Products

  • If you want to develop a gateway device, you must select the communication mode of the upstream network and the downstream sub-device.

    Communication mode of the upstream network refers to the communication mode between the gateway device and the cloud. That is, Net Pairing Mode. Select Wi-Fi by default.

    Communication mode of the downstream sub-device refers to the communication mode between the gateway device and subordinate hardware device. That is, Protocol Type.

    Create Products

    For example, select custom development mode, select a category, click and enter the product creation process.

Fill in basic information about the product

Fill in the following information according to the prompt:

  • Product name (required): it can be customized.

    The name in the XXX (brand) + XXX (product) + XXX (module model) format is recommended. For example, Tuya_AirConditioner_Beta1.0.

  • Product model (optional): you can fill in product model to distinguish different products.

    For example, XXX (AE1123).

  • Net pairing mode: select the net pairing mode as you want. If the category does not have the required communication mode, you can submit an online ticket or feedback to contact us.

  • Power type: select Standard power by default.

Confirm the product communication mode again. It affects the communication mode of your module that you will receive finally.

Create Products

Click OK, and the product is created successfully. Now, you can enter five-step development process, and start with Function Definition.

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