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TuyaOSTuyaOS (Old Version)Wi-Fi Device Connection

Wi-Fi Device Connection

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Wi-Fi SDK is built on top of the TuyaOS and designed for developing smart Wi-Fi products. The SDK includes a host of features and functions to help you develop easily, including device pairing, upstream and downstream communication, production test, authorization, and OTA updates. You do not need to take care of feature implementation for different Wi-Fi chip platforms. Just working on the standard APIs, you can connect your products to the Tuya IoT Cloud and make them IoT-enabled.


To make your development much simpler, we have made adaptations to popular Wi-Fi chip platforms and provided chip platform-specific network modules. With a specific SDK and Tuya’s network modules, you can focus on writing application code instead of spending time on the required infrastructure.

SDK types

The Wi-Fi SDK has two types depending on the adaptation level to the chip platforms.

SDK name Description
Wi-Fi SDK End-to-end communication built on a hardware abstraction layer is abstracted into the SDK, which enables cross-platform integration. You need to make hardware adaptations before working on application code.
Wi-Fi chip SDK The SDK has been specially adapted for specific chip platforms. Developing with Tuya’s network module integrated with corresponding chips, you can directly work on the application code without any adaptation move.

SDK features

  • Cross-platform: The hardware abstraction layer is abstracted into the SDK. Standard APIs are provided to support integration with different Wi-Fi chip platforms.
  • Safe and reliable: Our proven SDK provides stable performance. All communication data and device information are encrypted to secure your IoT deployment.
  • A broad range of components: The SDK can enable device pairing, upstream and downstream communication, production test, authorization, and OTA updates. Directly call APIs to implement all these features to reduce your development work.

Memory consumption

The memory requirement to run the SDK is as follows.

  • More than 300 KB of flash memory.
  • More than 50 KB of RAM.

The memory consumption of the module SDK depends on the SDK for a specific chip platform. For more information, see Hardware Support.

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