Hardware Support

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Two types of Wi-Fi chips can connect to the Tuya IoT Platform.

  • Tuya standard chips: Tuya makes hardware adaptations for them.
  • Third-party chips: The third-party makes hardware adaptations for them.

Choose a chip solution based on your product requirements. If you opt for a Tuya standard chip, the supporting hardware design guidelines, modules, and evaluation kits are available for you to choose from.

Tuya places some restrictions on certain pin functions of Tuya standard chips. Therefore, if you develop with Tuya standard chips, you must refer to Tuya’s GPIO documentation of each chip platform for pin configuration instead of the original chip datasheet.

Chipset platform

Manufacturer Chipset platform Type
BEKEN BK7231N Tuya standard chip
Realtek RTL8720CF Tuya standard chip
Realtek RTL8720DN Tuya standard chip
Realtek RTL8710BN Tuya standard chip
ESWIN TR6260 Third-party chip
AltoBeam ATBM6431 Third-party chip
Lightning Semiconductor LN8825 Third-party chip
Bouffalo Lab BL602 Third-party chip

Wi-Fi network module

Tuya provides a series of proprietary Wi-Fi network modules with various specifications and methods of soldering to address different needs of Wi-Fi product development. For more information, see Wi-Fi Modules and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Combo Modules.

Evaluation kit

Tuya provides a serial of evaluation kits that are integrated with Tuya standard chips to help you quickly prototype ideas and evaluate solutions. For more information, see Sandwich Evaluation Kits.