Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit

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Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit complies with the Arduino specifications. You can select any Arduino-compatible development board to prototype a smart device using the Arduino IDE.


Built on top of Tuya’s proven IoT solutions and Arduino specifications, Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit is designed to help you quickly get started with IoT prototyping. With this kit, IoT prototyping is more like building blocks by adding the required boards to implement features.

It helps you quickly build mass-production-ready products and shorten the time to market.


The following diagram shows how a Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit-based product works.

Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit

  • The microcontroller board is used to:

    • Instruct the peripherals to execute the data point (DP) command received from the mobile app.
    • Exchange data with the communication board regarding Tuya serial protocol through the serial port.
  • The communication board runs the Tuya serial protocol to take care of the following things:

    • Device pairing, DP status reporting, and DP command receiving.

    • Device management, including binding and unbinding.

      Each product created on the Tuya Developer Platform is assigned a unique product ID (PID). The communication board can request the product information from the MCU through the serial protocol and connect to the cloud after the device is activated. You can define the required DPs for the product on the platform and send DP commands to the device with the mobile app for device control.


Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit is easy to use and suitable for both beginners and experienced makers.

Tuya network modules provide various connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and NB-IoT. You can interface a Tuya network module with Arduino-compatible hardware to connect your prototype to the cloud and therefore create IoT applications.

Development methods

Tuya provides two development methods by types of microcontroller boards.


Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit provides development boards for different purposes, including microcontroller, communication, function, and power source.

Microcontroller board

A microcontroller board is used to read and control peripherals.

Communication board

A communication board provides network connectivity.

Function board

A function board provides peripheral functionality, such as sensors and actuators.

Power board

A power board provides stable power to components requiring different input voltages.

Software platform

You can use Arduino IDE to write Arduino programs and upload code to Tuya Sandwich Evaluation Kit. Arduino IDE is a cross-platform application for Windows, macOS, and Linux.