Wi-Fi Module

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This chapter describes a range of Wi-Fi modules provided by Tuya. Tuya’s Wi-Fi modules, developed with advanced RF and antenna technology, can enable wireless communication between devices. These modules are available in various radio frequency bands to ensure fast and reliable data transmission.


Wi-Fi modules can be used in various devices, including but not limited to:

  • Smart home: Connect devices in the home, such as security devices and environmental sensors, to the internet.
  • Smart healthcare: Remote monitoring and control of medical devices.
  • Industrial automation: Remote monitoring and control of industrial equipment to enable centralized management.
  • Smart city: Facilitating smart transportation, environmental monitoring, and smart parking.
  • Data acquisition: Acquire data from sensors and other sources.

Versatile Wi-Fi modules can be used in a variety of scenarios to connect and enhance your product.

Module list

Wi-Fi module series: