Product Change Notification

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This topic describes the product change notifications (PCN).

No. PCN description Effective date First shipment Change level File download
PCN-001-20220620 Some mass-produced models and new products with a shielding cover are changed from labeling process to laser engraving process. June 20, 2022 June 27, 2022 Minor Download
PCN-001-20220330 Changed the outer packaging of modules. May 1, 2022 May 1, 2022 Minor Download
PCN-002-20210830 Changed the orientation of labels. August 30, 2021 September 1, 2021 Minor Download
PCN-001-20210830 Changed the module label. August 30, 2021 September 1, 2021 Minor Download
PCN-001-20210721 Optimized the silkscreen of T34 chip. August 5, 2021 August 5, 2021 Minor Download
PCN-001-20210713 Changed the sealing label of network modules. August 1, 2021 August 1, 2021 Minor Download
PCN-002-20210519 Added Zbit built-in flash to the chip of BT series network modules. June 19, 2021 June 19, 2021 Major Download
PCN-001-20210414 Changed product information labels and removed RoHS and anti-static marks from the packages of network modules. April 30, 2021 April 30, 2021 Minor Download
PCN-001-20210219 Updated the chip on the WBR1 network module. February 19, 2022 February 19, 2022 Minor Download
PCN-003-202006 Changed the labels of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo modules without shielding covers. July 6, 2020 July 6, 2020 Minor Download
PCN-002-20200618 Changed Silicon Labs MG13 in Zigbee network modules. June 18, 2020 July 30, 2020 Minor Download