Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Combo Module

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This chapter describes a range of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo modules provided by Tuya.

How it works

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo solutions combine Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on a single chip to deliver flexibility and reliability for a multitude of applications.

  • Wi-Fi enables high-speed and high-bandwidth wireless connection, suitable for applications that require large data transfer, high-speed internet access, and remote control, such as smart home and smart health monitoring.
  • Bluetooth enables short-range communication, suitable for low power applications that only need to transfer small amounts of data, such as fitness trackers and Bluetooth headphones.


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo solutions offer the benefits of both wireless technologies, delivering fast and dependable wireless communication. For example, smart speakers can play music over Wi-Fi and communicate with the mobile phone using Bluetooth.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo modules can be used in various devices, including but not limited to:

  • Smart home devices: Smart socket, smart light, and smart lock.
  • Security devices: Sensor and camera.
  • Industrial equipment: Automated production line and instrument.
  • Mobile devices: Phone and tablet.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo modules can be widely applied to both consumer and industrial devices to address the needs of high-speed transfer, low power consumption, wide coverage, and stable connection.

Module list