Thread Module

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This chapter describes Tuya’s Thread module, which can enable efficient wireless communication and support Matter over Thread devices. Thread modules, built with advanced RF and communication technologies, can provide reliable wireless communication solutions.

How it works

Thread is a wireless communication protocol specifically designed for connecting smart devices. It is known for its low power consumption, security, and reliability. Tuya’s Thread module incorporates communication modules and RF functions that enable efficient communication and data transmission. Thread offers lower power consumption, increased reliability, and wider coverage.


Thread is a low-power and low-latency wireless mesh networking protocol built using open and proven standards. Thread solves the complexities of the IoT, addressing challenges such as interoperability, range, security, energy, and reliability.

Thread modules can be used in various devices, including but not limited to:

  • Smart devices: Smart home devices, sensors, and smart medical devices.
  • Industrial automation: Remote monitoring, control, and data transmission of industrial equipment.
  • Smart city: Smart transportation and smart energy management.

Thread modules provide efficient and reliable wireless communication to build stable and secure IoT applications.

Module list

Thread module datasheet: