Zigbee Module

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This chapter describes a range of Zigbee modules provided by Tuya. Featuring high performance and stability, Zigbee modules are applicable to various smart devices and IoT applications to provide reliable wireless data communication. Tuya’s Zigbee modules, developed with advanced RF and antenna technology, can enable wireless communication between devices.


Zigbee modules can be used in various devices, including but not limited to:

  • Smart home devices: Smart socket and smart lock.
  • Data acquisition: Acquire data from sensors and other sources.
  • Industrial automation: Remote monitoring and control of industrial equipment to enable centralized management.
  • Smart city: Facilitating infrastructure management, such as streetlights and parking systems.

Versatile Zigbee modules can be used in a variety of scenarios to connect and enhance your product.

Module list

Zigbee module series: