v4.1.0 Update Instructions

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This topic describes the updates of the IPC OEM app with v4.1.0. This app version was released on June 27, 2022. You can integrate the updates into your app.

App update

IPC OEM App added support for Xcode 13 to fix the problem that the apps for iOS cannot be launched on Apple’s App Store.

Adjusted entry to smart scenes

Allowed users to access automation scenes as the level-1 module. Automation scenes were previously accessed from the scene management module.

v4.1.0 Update Instructions

Adjusted entry to messages

  • Moved the level-1 module Message Center to the menu at the Account Center.

  • Allowed users to zoom in on an alert image generated by an IPC.

    v4.1.0 Update Instructions

Unified visual style

Unified the visual style of IPC OEM apps and updated the tab icons.

v4.1.0 Update Instructions


This feature is not supported yet.

Other updates

Fixed certain known issues.

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