TuyaOSMatter Development FrameworkProduct Release Checklist

Product Release Checklist

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Before your product is ready for mass production, make sure to complete the following steps:

  • The firmware bound with your product is in a released state and can be used for mass production.
  • The product ID (PID) on the platform is released and ready for mass production.
  • You have completed the Matter certification, and obtained and uploaded the official Certification Declaration (CD) to the platform.
  • The Matter information of the product configuration is consistent with the Matter certificate.
  • You have performed self-tests on Tuya-enabled apps and third-party apps to confirm that all features are functioning as expected without any issues.
  • Product packaging must bear the Matter logo as required.
  • You are eligible to use the Works with Alexa (WWA), Works with Google Home (WWGH), and Works with Apple Home (WWAH) badges only after you request and achieve the respective certification. You cannot use third-party badges such as WWA, WWGH, and WWAH if you only complete Matter certification.