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Introduction to TuyaOS Matter

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This topic describes the concepts of TuyaOS and TuyaOS Matter.

What is TuyaOS?

Built on top of RTOS, Linux, and Non-OS, TuyaOS is a distributed and platform-agnostic IoT operating system. You can quickly develop various IoT devices based on TuyaOS.

What is TuyaOS Matter?

TuyaOS Matter, built on top of TuyaOS, is integrated with the official Matter SDK to support the Matter protocol. TuyaOS Matter streamlines the entire process of building a Matter product. From product creation and development to debugging, testing, certification, and production, everything can be done in one place.

Introduction to TuyaOS Matter

In addition to the basic capabilities of TuyaOS, TuyaOS Matter also offers the following Mater features:

  • Matter products can be added to both the Tuya platform and third-party platforms such as Apple Home, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. Note that third-party platforms cannot access non-Matter features (vendor-specific features).

  • Multi-fabric enables multiple platforms to interact with a device. For example, a Matter device added using a Tuya-enabled app can be shared with third-party platforms for control and management, such as Apple Home, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

  • Signed certificate service for Matter devices. Tuya’s production and testing system is integrated with this service.

  • Matter certification services.

For more information about TuyaOS, see What is TuyaOS?