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To get the Tuya Zigbee SDK, you need to create a product on the Tuya Developer Platform and download the SDK that supports your chipset platform.

Downloading channel

Downloading channel Description
Tuya Developer Platform Create a product on the Tuya Developer Platform and complete all the required information. Then, the SDK is provided based on the hardware parameters you configured.

This is the official channel to get the SDK, which is maintained by Tuya. The SDK you download from the unofficial channels is not guaranteed by Tuya.

Development methods

Based on the adoption of the Tuya standard chip, the Tuya Developer Platform provides two types of Zigbee SDKs, namely Tuya Standard Module SDK and Self-Developed Module SDK. You can choose the right one according to your chip.

  • Tuya Standard Module SDK

    To develop with this SDK, you must use Tuya network modules that are embedded with Tuya standard chips. This type of SDK allows you to directly make API calls to develop applications without any hardware adaptations. Tuya’s production management system provides support for flashing the firmware and license to your Tuya network modules. You can upload the firmware on the platform and Tuya will take care of the rest.

  • Self-Developed Module SDK

    This SDK applies to developing with third-party chips. It requires hardware adaptation before application development. You can purchase the chip and license on the platform but need to flash the firmware and license by yourself, because Tuya’s production management system does not support flashing on third-party chips.

    Self-Developed Module SDK is not generally available. To get this type of SDKs, submit a ticket.


This section takes the Tuya Standard Module SDK as an example to show you how to get the SDK. This procedure also works for the Self-Developed Module SDK.

Step 1: Create a product

  1. Log in to the Tuya Developer Platform. Select a product, create a Custom Solution, and complete the required information. For more information, see Create Products.

    Get the SDK

  2. Add standard functions or create custom functions for your product.

    For more information, see Function Definition.

    Get the SDK

Step 2: Download development materials

Go to the third step of Hardware Development and select TuyaOS. Select the required module and download the development materials. Note that if you change the module later, the SDK will be automatically changed accordingly in the download area, you need to download the new SDK for development.

Get the SDK