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Updates in June 2022

Last Updated on : 2022-09-07 10:07:55

This topic describes the updates of the Tuya IoT Development Platform in June 2022.

Update Navigation Description Reference
Added the recommendation of push notification templates, optimized the recommendation mechanism, and improved the interactive experience of template creation. Product > Device > Notifications
  • To choose among multiple templates, you can preview each template.
  • You can click a standard template to apply it. You can also select a recommended push notification and configure data points (DPs) to customize the push notification.
  • You can view images and text to distinguish between level triggering and edge triggering.
Added a verification prompt during switching between accounts. Account > Basic Information > Login Account > Change When you switch between accounts, the system prompts you to be aware of the resulting changes to your SaaS provided by Tuya (if any) to ensure the normal use of SaaS. N/A
Supported integration with the Xiaomi Xiao AI voice assistant. Product > Voice Platform > Voice Integration
  • Currently, Xiaomi Xiao AI covers the categories, including sockets, switches, power strips, lights, and curtains. More categories will be supported.
  • To configure voice control with Xiaomi Xiao AI, choose Product > Development > Device Interaction > Voice Control, and go to Xiaomi Voice Solution.
Supported the purchase of licenses for sub-devices connected through TuyaOS-based gateways. Product > Device > Device Connectivity License You can purchase licenses for sub-devices that are connected through TuyaOS-based gateways. N/A
Supported the purchase of Custom App Tools. App > OEM App > App Creation > Customize UI > Detailed Settings You purchase Custom App Tools to implement the following features:
  • Configure the overall style, important pages and components, themes, and other app UI options on your terms.
  • Choose among a series of app templates to simplify UI customization and help you tailor a branded IoT app.
Custom App Tools
Supported the purchase of Custom Domain Name. App > OEM App > Required Setting > Custom Domain Name You can purchase Custom Domain Name to implement the following features:
  • Customize the domain name that enables access to your app and respective smart devices during network requests. Thus, your app can work with a custom domain name that does not contain characters such as “tuya” to improve your app uniqueness.
  • This also helps you easily migrate to a private cloud as needed.
Custom Domain Name
Supported Basic Edition and Advanced Edition to create an OEM app for smart life. App > OEM App > App Creation > Create App You can choose between Basic Edition and Advanced Edition to create an OEM app for smart life and implement the following features:
  • Make your IoT app’s features and performance more attractive and take your app user experience to the next level.
  • Update your app free of charge and keep your business running ahead.
Create an OEM App for Smart Life