App Music Card

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App Music Card


Field name Type Description Default value
style List The style of the component. None
theme { isDarkTheme: boolean; themeColor: string; background: string; fontColor: string } The theme. None
isColourExist Boolean Specifies whether to support the colored mode. true
isTempExist Boolean Specifies whether to support the white color mode. true
dataSource [{ id: number; mode: number; title: string; icon: ImageSourcePropType; colorArea? : AppleMusicColorAreaType[] }] Sets the metadata for the card. [{id: 0, mode: 1, title: 'Music'}, {id: 1, mode: 0, title: 'Match'}, {id: 2, mode: 0, title: 'Game'}, {id: 3, mode: 1, title: 'Romance'}]
onPlay () => void The callback to invoke when a start or pause button event occurs. None
onMusicDataPut (data: { mode: number; hue: number; saturation: number; value: number; brightness: number; temperature: number }) => void The callback to invoke when a music value is sent. None


import { AppMusicCard } from '@tuya/tuya-panel-lamp-sdk'

const AppMusicCards = () => (
    style={{ alignSelf: 'center' }}
      themeColor: '#1082fe',
      background: isDarkTheme ? '#222222' : '#fff',
      fontColor: isDarkTheme ? '#fff' : '#000',