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This topic describes the cloud service APIs during cloud development.

Device services

Tuya provides a bunch of basic services for you to easily manage all devices in the Tuya ecosystem.

API service Description
IoT Core Service Provide the essential IoT capabilities respecting device connection and management. For example, these underlying capabilities are included: space management, device control, device group control, and scene linkage rules.
Device Timer Support scheduled tasks running in the device and cloud. With flexible configurations, the devices can execute specific operations at regular intervals.
Device Location Service Based on the Geographic Information System (GIS), deliver various services with advanced technologies including positioning, route playback, and geofencing. Take advantage of Tuya’s device-to-cloud connectivity and build IoT-driven capabilities for outdoor applications.
IoT Video Live Stream Get live video streams from smart devices. Device firmware must be developed on top of Tuya IPC SDK v4.7.0 or later. RTSP and HLS are only billed by the forwarded traffic. During a P2P connection, WebRTC is billed only by the duration of the P2P connection. In the process of traffic forwarding, WebRTC is billed only by the forwarded traffic.
Video Cloud Storage Get audio and video data of smart devices from the cloud. You must subscribe to the value-added service of Video Cloud Storage for target smart devices before the respective API requests can be made.
Extension APIs Traditional standard instruction sets cannot smoothly adapt to products with complex features. Therefore, extension APIs for vertical resources are ready to help you quickly implement a myriad of features. For example, universal infrared control hub, smart door locks, robot vacuum, and body fat scales.

Smart home

Smart home APIs are tailored to and linked with your apps, mini programs, and Tuya app accounts in smart home scenarios, helping you manage resources with ease.

These APIs apply to smart home devices that are linked with your apps, your mini programs, and Tuya app accounts.

API service Description
Smart Home Basic Service Provide open capabilities to connect to the basic services of the Tuya smart home system, so you can manage business data under the Tuya OEM App or Smart App SDK.
Smart Home Data Profile Provide panoramic user profile information of your app. You can make API requests to get the user details of the segments you have created, and connect them to your own system or third-party marketing systems.
Data Dashboard Service Analyze the data of devices, users, and apps, helping you get a panoramic picture of users’ devices and apps. Provide APIs for data analytics, helping you achieve personalized data storage and analytics for more business value.
Smart Home Content Management Provide APIs to manage the content of an OEM app or App SDK, including banners, multilingual settings, and recommended categories, helping make your app more intelligent.
Customer Feedback Provide APIs for you to view and handle user feedback information of your OEM app or App SDK.
App Push Notification Service Mobile push lets you edit and send push notifications to all Tuya-enabled apps and reach global users worldwide anytime.

Industry scenarios

Based on IoT Core devices, Tuya abstracts a set of common development models for assets and users. You can apply these three concepts to fit your own device layout and user system, and flexibly develop various complex service scenarios. Industrial scenarios are often applicable to manufacturing, campuses, offices, stores, and beyond. Also, work with other types of APIs to satisfy diversified business requirements. For more information about cloud service APIs, see Industrial Scenarios.

General services

Tuya provides the general basic capabilities required to develop IoT applications. You can subscribe to and use cloud services all in one place, lowering the bar for integration.

API service Description
Location-Based Service Location-based service provides two-way conversion between IP addresses and geographical addresses, helping you quickly integrate location query into your applications.
Email Service You can send emails from apps in the cloud based on stable and reliable cloud services.
Voice Message Service You can call APIs from the cloud, make a phone call from the carrier’s network to the specified number, and play the audio files converted from the text. Alert and notification services are also provided.
App Push Notification Service Mobile push lets you edit and send push notifications to all apps in the Tuya ecosystem and reach global users anytime.
Short Message Service This is a messaging service between applications and users. By virtue of IoT cloud services, provide SMS services for global users.
Weather Service Query real-time weather and weather forecasts for the next seven days through latitude and longitude. This service is seamlessly integrated into a variety of industry applications.
Country and City Info Provide APIs to query multilingual information about countries and cities.