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API List

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General APIs

API service Description
IoT Core This service enables device connection and management, serving as the essential capabilities of an IoT platform. It allows you to connect devices to the Tuya IoT Development Platform in various ways, establish secure and stable communication between IoT applications and devices, and implement device management, monitoring, and control.
Device OTA Update Through APIs, query the list of the device firmware that can be updated to a specified version. For some devices that have an intermediate version of firmware that cannot be skipped, update to the intermediate version of the firmware and then update to the latest version of the firmware.
IoT Video Live Stream
  • Device firmware must be developed based on Tuya IPC SDK 4.7.0 or later to get the live video streams from IoT devices through the API.
  • RTSP and HLS are billed by the forwarding traffic. In the P2P status, WebRTC is billed by the P2P connection duration. In the forwarding status, WebRTC is billed by the forwarding traffic.
IR Control Hub Open Service The universal IR remote control can replace 99% of the IR remote controls of popular international brands, and it supports DIY learning. It also allows traditional home appliances to quickly connect to the internet. This product provides APIs for infrared remote control and management.
Sleep Band Open Service Provide APIs for sleep band products to manage users’ sleep reports, including detailed data of sleep time, heart rate, and snoring.
Body Fat Scale Open Service Provide APIs for body fat scale products to manage users’ physical data, including detailed data of weight, muscle mass, and body fat.
Smart Lock Open Service Provide APIs for smart lock products to enable developers to manage smart lock products through APIs, including member management, password management, and log querying.
Video Cloud Storage Get audio and video data of IoT devices from the cloud. You must subscribe to the value-added service of video cloud storage for target IoT devices before the API requests.
Email Service Tuya Email Service is an efficient, flexible, and extendable email service. You can send emails from apps in the cloud based on the stable and reliable cloud services.
Voice Message Service You can call APIs from the cloud, make a phone call from the carrier’s network to a specified number, and play the audio files converted from text. The alert and notification service is also provided.
Mobile Push Notification Service Mobile push lets you edit and send push notifications to all apps in the Tuya ecosystem and reach global users worldwide anytime.
Short Message Service This is a messaging service between applications and users. By virtue of the Tuya IoT cloud services, it provides SMS services for global users.
Beta APIs The current beta APIs include:
  • Device data statistics
  • OTA updates
  • Country code service (targeted authorization required)
  • IP camera service (targeted authorization required)
  • Weather service (targeted authorization required)

Smart home APIs

Smart home APIs are customized and linked with your apps, mini programs, and Tuya app accounts in smart home scenarios, helping you manage resources conveniently and quickly.

These APIs apply to smart home devices that are linked with your apps, your mini programs, and Tuya app accounts.

API service
Smart Home Scene Linkage Provide scene automation capabilities on the smart life app, and enable multiple devices to simultaneously perform different actions when a preset trigger condition is activated. For example, this condition can be associated with any device, time, or environment. For example, automatically turn on the air conditioner before the user arrives home, turn on the air purifier when PM2.5 exceeds 100, or send an alarm and even make a phone call if any smoke is detected.
Data Dashboard Service Analyze the data of devices, users, and apps, helping you get a panoramic picture of users’ devices and apps. Provide APIs for data analytics, helping you achieve personalized data storage and analytics for more business value.

A wealth of paid cloud services are provided for you. You can subscribe to the cloud services on a pay-as-you-go basis. The benefits are described as follows:

  • Standard Edition: Provide about 42 million API calls plus 107 million message subscriptions. The maximum number of concurrently connected devices is 10,000.
  • Trial Edition: Provide about 26 thousand API calls plus 68 thousand message subscriptions. The maximum number of concurrently connected devices is 50.
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