Tuya Smart Cloud Platform Overview

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Tuya Smart deploys cloud services around the world and is committed to providing safe, stable, and fast cloud services for customers worldwide. It is capable of concurrently processing hundreds of millions of massive data and delivering uninterrupted computing services of up to 99.99% availability. Tuya integrates global nodes from different cloud platforms to allow users in different regions to access the nearest nodes, which ensures efficient and stable user experience.


Tuya cloud platform provides full lifecycle services, from smart hardware connection to client control, including product definition, simulation test, hardware development, client development, cloud platform interaction, product testing, operations management and data analysis.

To reduce the development threshold and speed up launching production of smart devices, Tuya provides hardware manufacturers and makers with SDK, open and complete cloud platform API and debugging assistant to help them smoothly complete the self-service development. Meanwhile, Tuya cloud platform will help manufacturers to step up to smart software and hardware, aiming to continuously deliver high-quality smart services.


Global deployment

  • Broad coverage

    Tuya has deployed data centers in China, East US, West US, Europe, and India, and data acceleration services in Hong Kong and Japan, all of which guarantee the high-availability services. It enables customers’ products to be accessed in most populous countries and cities.

  • Multiple availability zones

    Tuya cloud platform provides five availability zones, namely China, East US, West US, Europe, and India. Based on the user’s geographic location, it will automatically select the nearest availability to guarantee the fast response time with the smallest data link.

Global acceleration

  • High-speed network

    Domestically, Tuya has reached an in-depth cooperation with Tencent Cloud and shares the same level of network link as Tencent. Abroad, Tuya has deployed Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the data centers hosted in multiple cities worldwide, which allows users to access the nearest nodes.

  • Acceleration service

    Tuya cloud platform CDN acceleration covers over 500 nodes across cities in China, and over 100 nodes in populous cities abroad. It provides custom DNS and SMS acceleration services based on different local operators to facilitate international business for companies worldwide.

  • Data drift

    Tuya cloud platform proprietary algorithms allow companies to release products globally and view global data domestically, ensuring that users have safe and stable access to cloud services.

Auto scaling

  • High availability

    With distributed microservice architecture, Tuya cloud platform can implement auto scaling based on business peaks. The modular architecture design enables scaling out and hot swap of business modules.

  • Hot deployment

    Even if Tuya cloud platform weekly releases new functions, it applies a service-based code release mechanism that guarantees your control commands will not be lost.

  • Massive data

    The core R&D team of Tuya cloud platform has rich experience in architecture and processing massive services. At present, Tuya cloud platform processes hundreds of millions of requests every day. The user data has already exceeded 3 billion, and the storage capacity is nearly 2 PB (2,097,152 GB).

Data security

  • User device security

    Tuya cloud platform implements a five-level security strategy to guarantee smart devices security.

  • Company data security

    Company data is stored isolatedly to ensure your data security. Meanwhile, different data storage services are provided for diversified business scenarios, and the core data will be encrypted.


  • API

    Tuya cloud platform provides multiple calling methods such as HTTP/HTTPS, MQTT and WebSocket. You can export your own business data at any time.

  • Partnership

    Tuya cloud platform provides connection services with major platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Tencent’s WeChat.

Availability zone


In consideration of the international market, the distribution of submarine optical fiber cable and actual testing results, Tuya cloud platform has deployed availability zones in five regions, namely Asia, Europe, West US, East US and India.

Tuya Smart Cloud Platform Overview

The code of available zone is composed of two Latin alphabets and is defined as follows.

Availability zone Service area Data center
AY Asia Tencent Cloud Data Center in Shanghai
AZ West US AWS Data Center in Oregon
UEAZ East US Azure Data Center in Virginia
EU Europe AWS Data Center in Frankfurt
IN India AWS Data Center in Mumbai

There are also other selections of data centers deployed in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, São Paulo and so on, which can flexibly scale availability zone based on your location.

Network acceleration

  • DNS acceleration

    • Tuya cloud platform can accelerate DNS resolutions for global customers from different populous cities based on their mobile network operators.
    • Tuya automated algorithm mechanism can maximize the stability of DNS resolution to prevent BGP hijacking.
  • CDN acceleration

    • Acceleration node in Mainland China:
      • More than 500 city nodes share the same level of network edge acceleration with Tencent.
      • Acceleration stability is monitored in real-time through autonomous monitoring services.
    • Acceleration nodes in other countries and regions:
      • North America: Ashburn, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas; Hayward, California; Jacksonville, Florida; San Francisco, California; Miami, Florida; New York, New York State; Newark, New Jersey; Palo Alto, California; San Jose, California; Seattle, Washington; South Bend, Indiana; St. Louis, Missouri.
      • South America: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; São Paulo, Brazil.
      • Europe, Middle East and Africa: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Dublin, Ireland; Frankfurt, Germany; London, UK; Madrid, Spain; Marseille, France; Milan, Italy; Paris, France; Stockholm, Sweden; Warsaw, Poland.
      • Asia-Pacific: Hong Kong, China; Taipei, Taiwan, China; Chennai, India; Mumbai, India; New Delhi, India; Manila, Philippines; Seoul, South Korea; Singapore; Melbourne, Australia; Sydney, Australia; Osaka, Japan; Tokyo, Japan.
  • Global networking report

    • The response time in Chinese cities is less than 40 ms (0.04 s).

    • The response time in Asian cities is less than 80 ms (0.08 s).

    • The response time in Europe and Northern America is less than 90 ms (0.09 s).

    • Response time in Middle East and Africa is also acceptable.

      The server connection speed listed in the following table comes from a third-party testing provider. Due to network quality fluctuations, there may be minor deviation.
      Area Country/Region City/Province Server connection speed (ms)
      Asia China Hangzhou 3
      Asia China Jiangsu 9
      Asia China Hunan 21
      Asia China Sichuan 40
      Asia China Guangzhou 25
      Asia China Shanghai 7
      Asia China Shenzhen 31
      Asia China Guangxi 31
      Asia China Yunnan 38
      Asia China Fujian 20
      Asia Hong Kong, China Hong Kong 49
      Asia Japan Tokyo 73
      Asia Korea Seoul 68
      Europe Germany Munich 6.152
      Europe Germany Cologne 4.078
      Europe Germany Frankfurt 0.629
      Europe Germany Berlin 16.145
      Europe Spain Madrid 34.787
      Europe France Lille 14.909
      Europe Italy Milan 10.143
      Europe Italy Padova 53.637
      Europe Italy Rome 22.347
      Europe Turkey Istanbul 46.642
      Europe Norway Oslo 30.707
      Middle East United Arab Emirates Dubai 152.772
      Middle East Saudi Arabia Riyadh 81.425
      Middle East Israel Kiryat-matalon 53.221
      Africa South Africa Durban 330.413
      Africa South Africa Cape Town 298.473
      Africa South Africa Johannesburg 319.452
      North America United States Santa Ana 29
      North America United States Kansas 35
      North America United States Los Angeles 38
      North America United States San Jose 23
      North America United States Atlanta 70.117
      North America United States Boulder 36.056
      North America United States Boston 74.252
      North America United States Chicago 88.373
      North America Canada Vancouver 12.916
      North America Canada Toronto 87.596
      South America Argentina Buenos Aires 203
      South America Brazil São Paulo 179
      South America Brazil Alegre 220
      Oceania Australia Perth 227


Tuya cloud platform provides cloud services with financial-grade security, and your data is secured by comprehensive protection system. It has established security measures such as real-time log analysis, intrusion prevention, risk perception capability and security management system, implementing technical solutions to communication and data security, including data encryption, ID verification, dynamic password, encrypted tunnel, chip security and virtual devices.

Tuya Smart Cloud Platform Overview

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