Smart Rules

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This topic describes the smart rules API operations provided by commercial lighting SaaS, helping you formulate various smart rules to meet the requirements of business scenarios. You can set scheduled tasks or event triggers for a device. You can also set a series of device actions to be reused as instruction pipelines. You can even combine advanced rules to achieve a special purpose.

Sample scenarios

  • In an office scenario, you can set a scheduled task for the light in the work area to make it automatically go on at 9 o’clock in the morning of a working day and go off at 12 o’clock in the noon.
  • In an education scenario, you can set a scheduled task for the ultraviolet lamp to make it automatically go off if human presence is detected. This way, people can be protected from exposure to ultraviolet light.
  • In a store scenario, you can set tap-to-run smart scenes for a series of devices to make them work when you open the door in the morning. For example, power on the lights, the ventilation system, the air conditioner, and much more.