Electrical Products

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This chapter describes the features that are commonly applied to smart electrical products. You can check out the topic and learn about how to implement the desired feature on your product.

Content introduction

Topics Description
Delay timer It allows users to delay a device turning on or off for a specified time period.
Random schedule It allows users to set the start and stop times and the recurring days of the week. Then, a smart device will turn on and off at random intervals.
Cycle timing A cycle timer will cycle a device between the On and Off states during a set time period.
Energy metering It helps users track energy consumption and use energy wisely.
Inching Switch It can enable a device to be turned off automatically after it is turned on for a specified period, regardless of how it is activated.
Zero-Crossing Control It is used to close or open the contacts of the relay at the zero-crossing point. This is useful to protect relays from spikes for better service life.
Child lock It is designed to help prevent children from getting at any dangerous things or contents.