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This topic describes the breakdown of IPC Development Framework and how to get the development kit. There are two options for development kits: OS mode and SDK mode. You can access the kits from Tuya Wind IDE, an extension in Visual Studio Code. Select the desired development mode and then download the development kit as per the chip platform and device type.

IPC development framework

Breakdown of IPC Development Framework:

Get Development Kit

From bottom to top, the architecture consists of five layers:

  • Kernel: includes implementations of cross-compiler toolchain, Linux kernel, file system, peripheral drivers, and Tuya Kernel Layer (TKL) cross-platform abstractions.
  • Abstraction: includes Tuya Abstraction Layer (TAL) cross-platform API implementations of system functions, network interfaces, audio and video codec, and secure processing.
  • Library: includes libraries for network communication protocols, such as MQTT over TLS and HTTPS. For an IPC product, this layer also includes implementations of streaming technologies (such as P2P and WebRTC) and application-level protocols (such as SIP and RTSP).
  • Service: includes essential IPC services provided in libraries and headers, including connection to the Tuya IoT Development Platform, authorization and permission management, streaming protocols, event alert, and audio and video streaming. You can call the APIs in the header to enable corresponding services.
  • Application: includes application implementations of product features and business logic.

IPC development kit

IPC development kits are divided into development platform, type development kit, and product development kit.

  • Development platform: includes implementations of the kernel and abstraction layers.

    Tuya will adapt more IPC chip platforms and implement the TKL and TAL APIs accordingly. You can also choose to import and adapt the required chip platform by yourself.

  • Type development kit: includes the service and library layers as well as simple demo application projects for standard products.

  • Product development kit: includes the complete and turnkey implementation of product-specific applications for a particular development platform and development kit.

    You can use these pre-made development kits as they are or modify them according to your requirements. Alternatively, you can write your own business logic code.

For more information, see TuyaOS EasyGo.

Get development kit

Step 1: Install Tuya Wind IDE

IPC development kits are released through Tuya Wind IDE.

Set up the development environment, install Tuya Wind IDE, and log in to the IDE using your Tuya IoT Development Platform account. You will get the screen shown below.

Get Development Kit

Step 2: Select development mode

TuyaOS provides two development modes: OS mode and SDK mode.

Check if the chip platform you need has been adapted for TuyaOS TKL and TAL, and then determine the development mode.

Get Development Kit

Step 3: Select device type

The cross-compiler toolchain in the type development kit and development platform is downloaded automatically on your first download. Choose IPC for Type Development Kit.

Step 4: Select development platform

Get Development Kit

The development platform refers to the information about the SoC chip used for IPC development, including manufacturer, operating system, and chip model.

If you do not find the required development platform, this might be because:

  • Tuya does not provide the development kit for that development platform.

  • The development kit for that development platform is not generally available. You need to request permission in Resource Center.

    Get Development Kit
    • If the Permission Status of a development kit is Available for download, it is generally available to the public.
    • If the Permission Status of a development kit is Request Permission, check with your account manager before you request the permission.

Step 5: Download development framework and product development kit

Get Development Kit
  1. After you click Finish in the Project Wizard, the download will start automatically.

  2. After the download is complete, a workspace is created automatically.

    If you have selected OS mode, choose Dev Framework > Product Dev Kit and download the kit.