Type Development Kit

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IPC Type Development Kit is tailored to IPC product development. It provides a bunch of features, including cloud connectivity, device control, OTA updates, streaming service, and event alerts, to help you bring an IPC product to the market faster.


Type Development Kit

Development kit directory

The IPC Type Development Kit includes the libraries and header files for the Service and Library layers depicted in the above figure. The directory of the downloaded development kit is as follows:

├── hardware                            Hardware materials.
├── pc                                  Development and debugging tools for PC.
├── software                            Software materials.
│   ├── packages                        Software package.
│   ├── SDKInformation.json             Type development kit parameters. Modification is invalid.
│   └── TuyaOS                          Code and libraries.
│       ├── apps                        Product directory.
│       │   └── tuyaos_demo_ipc         A demo. The folder name is the product name.
│       ├── build                       The build configuration.  Modification is invalid.
│       ├── build_app.sh                The product build script.
│       ├── CHANGELOG.md                Changelog.
│       ├── docs                        The documentation. Right-click Quick Start in Tuya Wind IDE to check the documentation.
│       ├── include                     Header file.
│       ├── libs                        SDK libraries.
│       ├── LICENSE                     Certificates.
│       ├── Makefile
│       ├── prepare_app.sh              The script to download the build environment.
│       ├── README.md                   The README file.
│       ├── scripts                     The build script.
│       └── vendor                      Files and APIs specific to the chip platform.
└── tuya.json

API files

software/TuyaOS/include/contains all the necessary header files for development. The components folder includes the IPC-specific components.

Component Header file
  • tuya_ipc_api.h: a generic header file for external modules.
  • tuya_ipc_dp.h: the API for processing data point (DP).
  • tuya_ipc_event.h: the API for processing events.
  • tuya_ipc_hardware_info.h: the API for reporting hardware information.
  • tuya_ipc_log.h: the API for controlling debug logs.
  • tuya_ipc_notify.h: the API for reporting events.
  • tuya_ipc_sdk_info.h: the API for requesting SDK information.
  • tuya_ipc_sdk_init.h: the API for SDK initialization.
  • tuya_ipc_upgrade.h: the API for device update.
svc_ring_buffer tuya_ring_buffer.h: manages the audio and video buffer.
  • tuya_ipc_stream_storage.h: the header file for local storage.
  • tuya_ipc_album.h: the header file for local albums.
svc_streaming_p2p tuya_ipc_p2p.h: the header file for the P2P service.
svc_cloud_storage tuya_ipc_cloud_storage.h: the header file for cloud storage.

Development process

Type Development Kit


What is the relationship between IPC Type Development Kit and IPC SDK?

Before TuyaOS is released, the IPC SDK is used to implement features for IPC devices, such as cloud connectivity, device control, live audio and video streaming, storage and playback, and event alerts. The IPC Type Development Kit is an upgrade of the IPC SDK, providing essentially the same capabilities.

However, they differ in the following aspects:

  • The IPC SDK provides the libraries and header files only, with no framework.
  • The IPC Type Development Kit provides the generic code architecture, standardized kernel, and system APIs, helping you easily develop products across systems and chips.

The application code and adapted chip platforms are constantly evolving. By using a type development kit, you can easily integrate these resources into your project.

Can I develop a product without using the framework provided in a development kit?

Yes, you can. If you want to develop with the libraries and header files only, use the include folder and lib folder. Be sure to implement the required tkl_xx API.

Support and help

If you have any problems with TuyaOS development, you can post your questions in the Tuya Developer Forum.