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Product Configuration

Last Updated on : 2023-05-17 09:24:16download

This topic describes the functions in the 4th step Product Configuration and the recommended configuration of the energy monitoring socket.

Firmware upgrates center

If a device is integrated with MCU general firmware or IPC SDK, you can update the firmware of the delivered devices on the Tuya IoT Platform online remotely without flashing. The control board shall support firmware updates. This topic describes the update process for devices integrated with MCU general firmware and IPC SDK. For details, see Update Firmware.

For the energy monitoring socket with the soc integration method, you do not need to update the firmware.


It consists of Product Name, Data Point, Device Panel, Public Entries, Device Notification, Firmware Update, and Connection Guide. For details, see Configure Multilingual UI.

Device notification

A push notification is a type of product notification, which allows you to specify product alarm conditions for real-time monitoring of product status. For a running product, if the value of a function exceeds the set threshold, or if certain real-time information needs to be sent to users, the app will instantly send push notifications to users. This guarantees the product is running as expected. For details, see Configure Push Notification.

Network connection guides

During creating a product, you can set pairing information in the step of Product Configuration, and then generate a PID-based QR code for pairing. Even if the pairing information is modified, the QR code stays unchanged. When end users scan the QR code via the app to pair, they are using the latest information to complete the pairing procedure. For details, see Configure Pairing Information.

Quick operation settings

After you enable toggle, you can control the device on the app conveniently. For details, see Enable Toggle.

Scene linkage configuration

You can customize whether a data point (DP) supports smart scene triggering conditions and task implementation. After scenario connection is added, the user can configure the functions in the smart scenarios of the app. For example, the user says “Siri, I am leaving now” to Siri of Apple Company. Then, all lights and air conditioners in your home can be turned off after a specified period. For details, see Configure Scene Linkage.


  • Some DPs are not suitable for trigger condition and implementation settings;
  • Some numerical functions such as the current current, voltage, power, etc. are reported once the change threshold is triggered. If these functions are set as a trigger condition, there may be a certain delay.