Scan QR Code

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You can scan a QR code to easily control a device. This capability can be embedded into a third-party app. You can scan the QR code with the third-party app, and wake up the H5 page to control the device.

Sequence diagram

Scan QR Code


You have subscribed to commercial lighting SaaS services.

Integration guide

  1. Generate a QR code.

    1. Log in to the SaaS management background.
    2. Select a project.
    3. Choose Value-Added Application Configuration > Area Management.
    4. Select Device QR Code Sharing.
      Scan QR Code
  2. Integrate a third-party application:

    1. Scan the QR code with the third-party app, parse and get the value of URL.
    2. Get a ticket. Get a login ticket.
    3. Add the ticket parameter to the end of the URL address obtained in Step 1. For example, &ticket=xxxxx.
    4. Access the URL changed in Step 3 by using the webView component of the app.
    5. Visit the webpage properly.

    This is an example of the URL.

Error message

Error message Description
Failed to get the information. Scan the QR code again. The ticket is invalid.