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Integrate Third-Party Voice Services

Last Updated on : 2022-09-23 13:38:55download


Tuya IoT Development Platform enables your products to integrate with third-party voice assistants and support voice control. This way, end users and consumers can control your smart devices by talking to smart speakers. These third-party voice assistants include Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, AliGenie, Baidu Xiaodu, Xiaomi Xiao AI, and more.

Subscribe to voice services

Step 1: Configure voice solution

Go to Tuya IoT Development Platform > Product > Voice Platform > Voice Integration > Voice Solution Configuration, find the desired voice platform, and then click Configuration.

Integrate Third-Party Voice Services

Step 2: Subscribe to solution

Go to Step 3: Solution Activation in the wizard and click Subscribe Now next to Activate Voice Features.

Integrate Third-Party Voice Services


Q: After a product enters the stage of mass production and sales, a third-party voice service is integrated. Can this voice service be applied to the product?

After a third-party voice service is purchased and associated with a product ID (PID), this voice service will be applied to all devices with this PID. No additional subscription is required.

Q: How can I check the features and languages supported by a third-party voice service?

  • Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, AliGenie, Baidu Xiaodu, Xiaomi Xiao AI

    You can go to Tuya IoT Development Platform > Voice Integration to check the voice solutions configured for each of your PIDs.

  • SmartThings, Tencent Cloud Xiaowei, Tencent Cloud Dingdang, JD DingDong

    On the Create Service Order page, you can navigate to more details of the supported features and languages.

    Integrate Third-Party Voice Services

Q: Can I activate a third-party voice service without sending a sample?

Sample testing is not mandatory. However, we recommend that you send a sample for Tuya to test the integration result and ensure a brilliant user experience.

For more information, see Integrate Third-Party Voice Services.