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Request Structure

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This topic describes the request methods, endpoints, and request parameters that are used in API operations of the Tuya IoT Platform.

Request method

The API operations support the following request methods.

Method Description
GET Requests the server to return specified resources.
PUT Requests the server to update specified resources.
POST Requires the server to perform specified operations.
DELETE Requires the server to delete specified resources.

When the request method POST is used, the Content-Type parameter must be set to application/json.


The platform provides a separate endpoint in a different region. You can select an endpoint of the region where your device is deployed. This allows you to reduce the response time of API requests.

Region Endpoint
China Data Center https://openapi.tuyacn.com
Western America Data Center https://openapi.tuyaus.com
Eastern America Data Center https://openapi-ueaz.tuyaus.com
Central Europe Data Center https://openapi.tuyaeu.com
Western Europe Data Center https://openapi-weaz.tuyaeu.com
India Data Center https://openapi.tuyain.com

Request parameters

The following table lists common request parameters that are used in the API operations. You must set the values of the required parameters in the request headers.

Parameter Type Location Required Description
header Yes The user ID.
sign String header Yes The signature that is generated by a specified signature algorithm.
sign_method String header Yes The signature digest algorithm. Set the value to HMAC-SHA256.
t Long header Yes The 13-digit standard timestamp, which indicates the current time and date.
access_token String header Yes The information about the token.
Note: This parameter is not required when you make API requests to get or refresh tokens.
lang String header No The type of language. Set the value to zh for the service that is deployed in mainland China and set the value to en for the service that is deployed in other regions outside mainland China.
nonce String header No The universally unique identifier (UUID) automatically generated after an API is created.
Note: This parameter is not required when you use the earlier signature solutions.
Signature-Headers String header No The header field customized by you.
Note: This parameter is not required when you use the earlier signature solutions.

Sample request

Take the API request to get the user list API as an example. With 50 entires returned on each page, get the information about the user list from 00:00:00, May 1, 2021 to 00:00:00, May 15, 2021. The request to get the first page of users is as follows:

  • API request

  • Request header

    client_id: 1KAD46OrT9HafiKd****
    sign: C5EFD19AD45E33A060C0BE47AEF65D975D54B2D70CBAA7A1ACA1A7D0E5C0****
    sign_method: HMAC-SHA256
    t: 1588925778000
    access_token: 3f4eda2bdec17232f67c0b188af3****
    nonce: 5138cc3a9033d69856923fd07b49****
    Signature-Headers: area_id:request_id
    area_id: 29a33e8796834b1**** // User-defined
    request_id: 8afdb70ab2ed11eb85290242ac13****// User-defined