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Authentication Method

Last Updated on : 2022-09-05 07:37:19download

This topic describes how to verify the signature in an API request, and how to assign a token to the third-party cloud service that passes the authentication. Cloud development APIs follow the standard of the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol and use an implicit authentication method.


To authorize a third-party cloud service that issues an API request, perform the following steps:

  1. Convert the values of client_id and secret into a signature and verify the signature.

    To view the values of client_id and secret, see View project details. For more information about how to generate a signature, see Sign Requests.

  2. The platform returns a token to the third-party cloud service after the authentication is passed.

    Authentication Method


The cloud development grants developer permissions to the third-party cloud service. This allows you to only manage resources on which developers have permissions. For example, the following data can be managed:

  • Application user data for developers
  • Device data for developer products
  • Data of the devices that are associated with developer application accounts


See the signature examples in Sign Requests.