Limits on API Request Frequency

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To ensure system stability and provide optimal performance and development experience, Tuya places limits on the API request frequency for different cloud service open APIs. This topic describes these limits in detail. You can also submit a ticket to request technical support.

The limits mentioned in this topic are described based on a single cloud project. For example, POST:/v2.0/cloud/space/creation can be called up to 10 times per second. Specifically, for a single cloud project, you can make this API request up to 10 times within 1 second. Beyond this limit, the API request will be restricted. For more information about cloud project management, see Manage Projects.

Space management

API endpoint Description Limit (times/second)
POST:/v2.0/cloud/space/creation Create a space. 10
DELETE:/v2.0/cloud/space/{space_id} Delete a space. 10
GET:/v2.0/cloud/space/{space_id} Query a space. 20
GET:/v2.0/cloud/space/child Query a list of child nodes in a space. 20
GET:/v2.0/cloud/space/{space_id}/resource Query a list of resources in a space. 20
PUT:/v2.0/cloud/space/{space_id} Modify information about a space. 10
GET:/v2.0/cloud/space/relation Determine the parent-child relationship. 20

Device control

API endpoint Description Limit (times/second)
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/model Query a things data model. 10
POST:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/shadow/actions Send device actions. 4
POST:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/shadow/properties/issue Send properties of a device. 4
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/shadow/properties Query properties of a device. 50
POST:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/shadow/properties/desired Set desired properties of a device. 4
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/shadow/properties/desired Query desired properties of a device. 10
POST:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/shadow/properties Modify properties of a device. 4

Device group

API endpoint Description Limit (times/second)
POST:/v2.0/cloud/thing/group Create a group. 2
DELETE:/v2.0/cloud/thing/group/{group_id} Delete a group. 2
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/group/{group_id} Query details of a group. 4
PUT:/v2.0/cloud/thing/group/{group_id}/{name} Rename a group. 4
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/group Get a list of groups in a space. 4
PUT:/v2.0/cloud/thing/group/{group_id}/devices Add a device. 4
DELETE:/v2.0/cloud/thing/group/{group_id}/devices Remove devices from a group. 2
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/group/device/{device_id} Get the groups to which a device belongs. 4
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/group/{group_id}/properties Query properties of a group. 4
POST:/v2.0/cloud/thing/group/properties Send properties of a group. 4
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/group/{group_id}/devices Query group devices. 4

Device management

API endpoint Description Limit (times/second)
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id} Query details of a device. 10
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/batch Query details of devices in bulk. 4
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/state Get device status. 5
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/logs Get logs of device operations. 5
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/report-logs Get logs of reported device status. 10
POST:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/attribute Modify basic properties of a device. 10
POST:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/transfer Transfer a device. 5
DELETE:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id} Remove a device. 10
POST:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/freeze Freeze or unfreeze a device. 5
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/firmware Get information about a device firmware update. 5
GET:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/firmware/{channel}/progress Get the progress of a device firmware update. 10
POST:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/firmware/{channel} Confirm to start a device firmware update. 5
POST:/v2.0/cloud/thing/{device_id}/reset Restore factory defaults. 10

Scene linkage

API endpoint Description Limit (times/second)
POST:/v2.0/cloud/scene/rule Add a linkage rule. 5
DELETE:/v2.0/cloud/scene/rule Delete a linkage rule. 10
GET:/v2.0/cloud/scene/rule Query a list of linkage rules. 30
GET:/v2.0/cloud/scene/rule/{rule_id} Query details of a linkage rule. 20
PUT:/v2.0/cloud/scene/rule/{rule_id} Modify a linkage rule. 5
POST:/v2.0/cloud/scene/rule/{rule_id}/actions/trigger Trigger a scene. 10
PUT:/v2.0/cloud/scene/rule/state Enable or disable a linkage rule. 5

Scheduled tasks

API endpoint Description Limit (times/second)
PUT:/v2.0/cloud/timer/device/{device_id}/state Enable or disable a scheduled task. 30
GET:/v2.0/cloud/timer/device/{device_id} Query details of a scheduled task. 50
POST:/v2.0/cloud/timer/device/{device_id} Add a scheduled task. 20
PUT:/v2.0/cloud/timer/device/{device_id} Modify a scheduled task. 30
DELETE:/v2.0/cloud/timer/device/{device_id}/batch Delete scheduled tasks in bulk. 10
DELETE:/v2.0/cloud/timer/device/{device_id} Clear all scheduled tasks for a device. 10