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Development Solutions

Last Updated on : 2022-03-02 01:55:01download

Tuya IoT Edge Cloud provides multiple development solutions, including low-code development or OpenAPI-based development. You can select the desired development solution on your terms.

Low-code development

You can develop IoT applications on top of Tuya’s SaaS Development Framework and micro-application system. This development solution requires the following components of IoT Edge Cloud:

Device integration

The device integration component supports device connections through southbound interfaces at the edge. The third-party device integration module and ** Powered by Tuya (PBT) device integration module** are available for your selection to support different device connection scenarios.

  • Third-party device integration module

    This module connects to industry devices that use standard protocols backed by the support for third-party devices of Tuya IoT Edge Gateway.

  • PBT device integration module

    This module connects to PBT devices.

Open platform

The open platform supports application development through northbound interfaces. With this development solution, you can build web applications by relying on the SaaS Development Framework and micro-application framework. Both frameworks are implemented on top of the basic cloud development capabilities.

  • Basic cloud development capabilities

    The same OpenAPI resources as Tuya’s Cloud Development Platform are available. You can make API requests to achieve standard device integration capabilities. This way, you can put all your focus on the business logic and employ the required device capabilities without caring about the device connection details. The device integration component helps you complete standard connections to different types of devices.

  • SaaS Development Framework

    This is a frontend and backend open source framework provided by Tuya to empower your IoT SaaS development. Based on Tuya OpenAPI, this framework integrates with basic features of an IoT SaaS application, such as user login, role permissions, device management and control, and data dashboard, and provides a frontend user interface based on React (Ant Design). After being developed simply based on the source code, your product will be good to go.

  • Micro-applications

    You only need to focus on the development of the business logic of each micro-application. The SaaS Development Framework and micro-application system provide additional features, such as login authentication, authorization of menu and operation permissions, routing (for example, switching between cloud projects), and integration of micro-applications.

OpenAPI-based development

Compared with low-code development, this development solution will be more suitable if you are skilled at development. The SaaS Development Framework and micro-application framework are not available. You only need to choose from the following options:

  • Device integration
  • Basic cloud development capabilities of the open platform

The comprehensive portfolio of development options will get your development up and running in no time.