IoT Edge Cloud

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Tuya IoT Edge Cloud is designed to empower IoT connections and device autonomy at the edge and integrate with the Tuya IoT cloud services and terminals to build an end-to-end product architecture. You can leverage Tuya IoT Edge Cloud and take device response, bandwidth usage, and computing resources to the next level. The following advantages are supported:

  • Tuya IoT built-in
  • Price performance
  • Efficient response
  • Industry applications supported
  • Microservice scenarios covered


With a Tuya developer account, you can implement SaaS development on top of the Tuya public cloud. You can also employ the open framework of the IoT Edge Cloud to extend the SaaS development scenarios at the edge.


Tuya IoT Edge Cloud consists of Open Framework, IoT PaaS, and IoT Core from top to bottom.

IoT Edge Cloud

  • Open Framework

    The open framework provides a broad portfolio of application development systems and APIs. These resources allow you to put service logic at the forefront and accelerate your industry SaaS development.

  • IoT PaaS

    The comprehensive industry systems and service models serve as a solid foundation for the top open framework.

  • IoT Core

    Inherit from the Tuya IoT Platform and enable connections to a wide range of devices, including Powered by Tuya devices, third-party devices of edge gateways, and other devices of Tuya’s ecosystem.