Smart Meeting System

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Tuya’s smart meeting system leverges our powerful IoT product ecosystem and cloud capabilities and delivers a flexible, efficient, and data-driven meeting management system. A full range of features that smart meeting does, such as room bookings and utilization, space management, and workplace insights, can all be integrated into one system.


From 2018 to 2020, the office industry market has grown at a rate of 16% to 20% each year. It is estimated that this market will reach RMB48.6 billion in 2024. It is worth mentioning that the smart office market has achieved a high overall penetration rate. The internet and information technology industry has the highest demand for smart office products, accounting for 24% of the overall market. Most companies have achieved online digital transformation. Currently, the challenge is to integrate offline scenes with online data, and thus perform a scenario-based smart office.

Based on the current industry status and challenges, Tuya Smart has developed cloud services for smart meeting system, the core application that accounts for more than 30% in smart office scenarios. This way, you can efficiently build smart meeting platforms or applications.


  • Diverse scenarios: Source every function component needed in your smart meeting solution in one place.
  • Easy development: Standard APIs and SDKs make integration and custom development much simpler.
  • Financial-level data security and empowerment: Maintain global data compliance. Put IoT data to work for smarter operations and revolutionize your services.

Technical architecture

Smart Meeting System


  • Office: Keep meeting resources up to date and timely send agendas to participants. Free up unused meetings to maximize room availability. Preset scenes for different meeting types, and create a convenient and energy-saving meeting room.
  • Internal training: Utilizing technologies such as QR code and ID scanning, businesses can provide touchless check-in experiences. One-click export of booking summary reports puts less burden on admin to handle massive data.
  • Co-working space: Remove clutter, add mobility, and go wireless with screen share. Anyone can start a meeting in moments. Powerful statistics provide quick insight into office space usage.


Tuya provides developers with basic APIs for the IoT industry to facilitate quick access to Tuya Cloud and customize various IoT applications. For more information about subscription, see Conference Reservation System.

System configuration

API Description
Query Check-in Rule Query the meeting reservation configuration. If the meeting reservation configuration has not been created, the default reservation configuration will be returned.
Add Reservation Rule Configure meeting rooms by setting parameters such as the available days in a week, the start and end time for reservation, and the duration of each reservation. A return value of true indicates a successful operation.
Add Sign-in Rule Configure meeting room reservation by setting parameters, such as whether sign-in is required and the advance sign-in time. A returned value of true indicates a successful operation.
Query Reservation Rule Query meeting room configurations. The default configurations are returned if they are not customized. By default, a meeting room is weekly available for reservation from 07:00 to 23:00. Each reservation period is at least 30 minutes and at most 5 hours. Rooms can be reserved up to 7 days in advance, and will be automatically released if they are not used 10 minutes after the start time.

Meeting room management

API Description
Query Meeting Rooms Query meeting rooms by ID. The returned result includes basic information about the meeting rooms.
Add Meeting Room Create a meeting room with details such as the meeting room group ID and meeting room name and type. The meeting room ID will be returned in a successful operation.
Modify Meeting Room Modify details of a specified meeting room using the meeting room ID and updated parameter values. The images and labels of meeting rooms are empty after the meeting rooms are cleared. A return value of true indicates successful modification.
Delete Meeting Room Delete a meeting room by meeting room ID.
Note: The delete operation cannot be undone after execution. Please carefully confirm the parameters before they are deleted.
Query Meeting Rooms on Pages Query the list of meeting rooms that meet the specified criteria. If multiple labels are passed in, the returned result shows the meeting rooms that meet all these labels.

management

API Description
Meeting Sign-in Participants complete the sign-in for a scheduled meeting.
Query Sign-in History Query the list of users’ sign-in history on pages. Enter the meeting reservation ID, the number of items per page (default value: 20), and page number (default value: 1).

Approval management

API Description
Add Approval Settings Add approval settings based on the approval type and approver information.
Query Approval Settings Query the list of approval settings under a specified project.
Query Approval List Query the to-do and done list of the specified personnel according to the personnel ID.
Submit Approval Task Submit a task to a specified approver, who will approve or reject the task.

Meeting reservation management

API Description
Add Meeting Reservations Add a meeting reservation based on the meeting theme, start time, end time, participant ID list, CC ID list, attachments, description, creator, and other parameters. If the reservation is successful, the reservation ID will be returned.
Modify Meeting Reservations Modify details of meeting reservations. If the reservation of the current meeting room requires approval, modifying the start and end time of the meeting will trigger the approval process. If the new meeting room after replacement requires approval, the approval process will also be triggered.
Modify Meeting Status Modify the status of a specified meeting based on the status value. Meetings can be in these states: reserved, approved, canceled, or approved rejected.
Query Meeting List Query the meeting reservation history by criteria, such as the meeting theme, meeting room ID, meeting status, creator, start time, and end time.
Query Meeting Information Query details of a meeting by participant ID. The participant is present at the meeting within a specified time period.
Preempt Meeting Room Indicates whether a meeting room can be preempted based on the entered criteria. The new reservation ID will be returned on success, and the reason for failure will be returned on failure.
End Meeting Early End a meeting early based on the meeting room reservation ID and meeting end type. After a successful operation, the end time of the meeting is changed, and the meeting room is released in advance.
Query Meeting Enter the meeting reservation ID to query the details. The returned result includes the meeting participants, those who are mentioned in the carbon copy, attachment lists, and other basic parameters.
Add Participant Add participants based on the meeting room reservation ID and participant ID.

Label management

API Description
Edit Label Modify the label information through the edited label code and label name.
Query Label List Query the information about all existing labels.
Add Label Add a label based on the custom label code and label name.
Delete Label Delete a label based on the label code.

Meeting data statistics

API Description
Query Daily Usage Report Query meeting reservations within a period of time, including the total number of meetings and participants.

Meeting invitation

API Description
Add Meeting Invitations Create a history of acceptance and rejection of meeting invitations.
Query Meeting Invitations Query the history of acceptance and rejection of meeting invitations based on the meeting ID and participant ID.