Video Live Streaming

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This service provides ultra-low latency, highly reliable, and fully secure live video streaming for smart devices.


  • Ultimate experience
    Easily stream media content gathered by smart devices to the web or mobile applications over protocols like WebRTC, RTSP, or HLS. Available protocols include:

  • Stable and reliable
    The fault tolerance for packet loss reaches as high as 40%. Network jitter will not be a worry.

  • Secure transmission
    End-to-end one-key-per-device encryption and DTLS protocol are enabled to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • Glocalization
    Signaling services and relay servers are deployed globally so devices from anywhere on the planet can select the most suitable server node around.

Technical architecture

Video Live Streaming


  • Video surveillance
    Support real-time remote monitoring and voice chat with security cameras and smart access control devices.

  • Smart watches
    Offer ultra-low latency video calling for various wearables.

  • Screen connectivity
    Make smart TVs and meeting screens smoothly work with video calling and conferencing.

  • In-car calling
    Remote live video monitoring and in-car emergency call offer peace of mind for driving.

  • Smart speaker
    Deliver video or voice calling from speakers with or without screen respectively.


A trial edition allows you to use up to 5 GB data traffic monthly for each service. If the usage exceeds the quota of the trial edition, subscribe to the official edition that support the following pricing rules.

Service Pricing Subscription
HLS/RTSP According to the data traffic consumed by video streaming, it is billed at a rate of USD0.17/GB. Subscription
WebRTC In the P2P state, the service is billed by duration at a rate of USD0.14/1,000 minutes. If the P2P connection failed, the relay server forwards the video data, and the service is billed by the data traffic at the rate of USD0.17/GB. Subscription

Live video stream API

API Description
Get WebRTC Configs Get the WebRTC configurations of the device.
Request RTSP/HLS Live Stream URL Request the live stream URL of RTSP/HLS protocols.
Get WebRTC Configurations of the Device Get the configurations that are used to create the WebRTC connection.
Get Live Streaming Address Get the live streaming address by device ID and the video type. These live streaming video protocol types are available: RTSP, HLS, FLV, and RTMP.