Geographic Biorhythm Lighting

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The rotation and revolution of the Earth cause the alternation of day and night, and the rhythmic changes in the length of daylight in specific areas of the Earth are regular over time.
Research shows that the light cycle will affect the human life activities, “Circadian Rhythm model” to a certain extent to clarify the light cycle on the human body’s 24-hour regulation mechanism. However, in modern society, unreasonable artificial light often leads to the disruption of biorhythms, and can even threaten physical health.

Tuya Human Centric Lighting: Geographic Biorhythm Function, simulates the light brightness and color temperature that changes throughout the day in different regions of the world by smart lighting devices, to help users scientifically restore the natural light experience and create a healthier environment.

Users open the app panel and can choose to locate the destination precisely to the specific latitude and longitude. After the address is saved, the geographic biorhythm function turns on. When the function is turned on, the smart lighting device will automatically adjust its color temperature and brightness as the time goes by, and thus simulate the natural light condition of the positioning area.

A natural light environment not only helps balance the visual perception of the human eye, but also regulates hormone levels and circadian rhythms, which positively affects human mental and emotional health.