Outdoor Product

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This chapter describes the smart product solutions designed for outdoor products. A comprehensive smart product solution encompasses typical components, such as the smart device, embedded operating system, data processing and analytics, cloud platform, and UI. These components function together to achieve certain features tailored to users. This chapter provides guidelines for you to implement smart development of outdoor products on top of the Solution Center and Tuya IoT Development Platform.


Bluetooth anti-lost trackers and smart electric vehicles are typical smart outdoor devices. These devices can integrate with Tuya’s smart product solution to support comprehensive smart features. Simply with a mobile app, users can access a Bluetooth anti-lost tracker, and when needed, easily track and locate the target item. Through the interaction between the module and MCU, a smart electric vehicle can implement remote control, vehicle status monitoring, and data transmission. In the smart product solutions, Tuya breaks down the functionalities of each outdoor product into smaller components and features that can be programmed and implemented with ease.


This chapter contains the following topics: