Voice Control

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This chapter describes the smart product solutions designed for voice control products. A comprehensive smart product solution encompasses typical components, such as the smart device, embedded operating system, data processing and analytics, cloud platform, and UI. These components function together to achieve certain features tailored to users. This chapter provides guidelines for you to implement smart development of voice control products on top of the Solution Center and Tuya IoT Development Platform.


Take Amazon Alexa for example. Tuya breaks down the functionalities of voice control into a bunch of smaller features. This simplifies the development to implement device connection and voice control enabled by Alexa. Thanks to Tuya’s smart product solution, you can integrate the Alexa voice assistant into your project and achieve useful features such as speech input, command parsing, and device control. Backed by Tuya’s cloud authorization and user interaction on the app, you can find an easier way to build a smart voice control device.


This chapter contains the following topics: