WeChat Mini Program

Last Updated on : 2023-12-05 01:46:33

This topic describes how to develop React Native (RN) control panels and IoT WeChat mini programs for smart locks.

IoT WeChat mini programs

You can implement features of your smart lock products by using device pairing plugins and cloud APIs. The following table lists the supported categories.

Lock categories Development method Remarks
Wi-Fi locks
  • Method 1: develop with plugins and cloud APIs
  • Method 2: develop with SDK and cloud APIs
Only device pairing is supported currently.
Bluetooth locks Develop with plugins and cloud APIs Available for allowlisted developers.

For more information, see Smart Home PaaS Solution, and Cloud Development.

RN control panels

The panel SDK designed for smart locks include the APIs for two-way communication between devices and the cloud. You can design your desired interfaces on top of this SDK. For more information, see Quick Start.

This development method is only available for allowlisted developers. Contact Tuya’s account manager if needed.