App SDK Solution

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The smart lock app SDKs apply to Wi-Fi locks and Bluetooth locks that have been connected to the Tuya IoT Platform. The following figure shows the process to integrate the smart lock app SDKs provided by Tuya.

App SDK Solution

Applicable lock categories

Communication protocol Applicable lock category
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi residential lock pro and Wi-Fi residential lock
Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) Bluetooth lock
Zigbee Not supported

Functional description

To connect Tuya locks with the app SDKs, perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: Integrate the Tuya IoT App SDK

    The Tuya IoT App SDK encapsulates multiple API operations related to the device list, account system, home system, and messages to accelerate the application development process. The following functions are supported:

    • Devices: pairing, control, status reporting, scheduled tasks, groups, firmware updates, sharing, and Zigbee gateways
    • Account system: general account management functions, such as registration and login with an email or a mobile number, and password resetting
    • Home system: home management and room management
    • Message center: feedback and smart scenes
  • Step 2: Integrate the Tuya Lock SDK

    The Tuya Lock SDK encapsulates multiple API operations related to locks and communication between locks and the cloud. The following functions are supported:

    • Unlocking with passwords: unlock doors with Bluetooth connections, fingerprints, or cards, get dynamic passwords, and manage temporary passwords
    • Lock usage records: unlocking records, doorbell records, and alerts
    • Lock user system: manage lock users and associated passwords


For more information about the App SDK document and SDK source packages, see: