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This chapter describes the smart product solutions designed for gateways. A comprehensive smart product solution encompasses typical components, such as the smart device, embedded operating system, data processing and analytics, cloud platform, and UI. These components function together to achieve certain features tailored to users. This chapter provides guidelines for you to implement smart development of gateways on top of the Solution Center and Tuya IoT Development Platform.


Take a Zigbee wireless gateway for example. This smart device can integrate with Tuya’s smart product solution to support wireless connection to and control of extensive smart devices. Users can access all Zigbee devices through this gateway and centralize management of smart home devices. Backed by Tuya’s cloud development and user interaction, you can implement remote control, scheduled tasks, and rule and scene settings, all made easy for users. With gateways at the core of a smart home system, users can enjoy a more convenient and comfortable experience at home.


This chapter contains the following topics: